Trailer for Illusion on Tour at Karrewiel

Illusion is going on Tour... 
and strikes down at the Karrewiel Building in Hoeselt (Limburg). 

Back for a memorable night full of damn fine retro. The Illusion dj's will bring you a mix of the best illusion classics and help you make some fresh memories to cherish.

100% RETRO is coming your way... bet you'll be transformed in your younger self for one night again...

• Wout (Illusion, Carat, Baccardi's, Sylver)
• DJ Jan (Illusion, Carat, Pharao-Dreamland)
• Philip (Illusion, La Rocca, Carat, Baccardi's)
• Seelen (Illusion, Shaft, 12 Inch Lovers)
• Jean Delaru (Illusion, Carat, Bar-a-Bar)
• Jimmy Goldschmitz (Illusion, Delite, Club Carat)
• Stijn VM (Illusion)
• David DM (Illusion)