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Klaar voor This is 90's at Rio Club?
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Morgen is het zo ver! This is 90's at Rio Club
Mark Junior playing on Sunday at Beachland Festival 2019 on the Hard by Nature-stage!

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With over 15 years in the business, Mark Jr. has witnessed the evolution of the harder styles. As former resident of club The Oh!, he has gained a great experience entertaining the crowd, using a variarity of music. Hardstyle, freestyle, raw & hardcore, you name it he’ll play it!
His remix of “gaan met die banaan” has been greatly supported by Korsakoff, and used by Q dance at the endshow of Mysteryland 2015

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On the Kick Da Bass-X-stage on Saturday we're bringing the best in the history of all harder styles... Q-ic is for sure one of those names!

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DJ, producer, label manager and publisher Luc Byltiauw, better known as Q-ic, started his career as a soundengineer at the age of 15.
After 3 years he mixed already more than 400 live performances while he graduated into 'Audio Visual Art' & 'Cinematography'. His engineering talent was picked up by Axel Stephenson, the artist who recorded legendary tracks as 'Love is an ocean' and 'The first rebirth' and after a year of studio-work this duo presented their innovating new sound welcomed by the majors Virgin and Universal Music! Releases on several renowned labels such as Universal Music (DE), N.E.W.S (BE), Drought (UK) & HorSpielMusik (DE) followed rapidly.

Q-ic's breakthrough followed in 2004 with the release of 'I Found you' & 'Desire, go higher'. These huge smashes hit the charts wordwide and Q-ic claims his place between the Belgian top dj's. In the next 4 years Q-ic went on to release several hit tracks such as Punk shock, Musique, Approaching, Fortunate beats, 24, No Flash, … and his unique innovating sound becomes Q-ic’s trademark. His growing reputation and success made him coproduce some of the biggest names in the techno & harddance scene such as Marco Remus, DJ Bam Bam, CJ Bolland, Coone, Kamikaze & Mr Eyez, Ghost, Lethal MG and many more.

Q-ic travels around Europe where he plays at the major festivals, mass events and Q-ic becomes one of the resident DJ's of Complex, the leading harddance club in that period.

In 2009, Q-ic releases his 2nd CD album 'Eat this' as a follow up for his 1st top selling album 'Q-ic & Friends'.
This time Q-ic pushed his sound even more over the boundaries of harddance music. At this time Q-ic appeared on more than 600 compilations which is good for over 5 million sold CD's and he mixed compilations of festivals such as Reverze, Defqon1, Bassleader, The Qontinent, ... After launching his labels Fanatix and Sur+, Q-ic also starts his own publishing house called 'Q-ic Music' where he signs
These guys were huge in the 90's and they still are! Fans of Get Ready!... Be prepared 'cause they're back on our This Is 90s-stage on Saturday!

Join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/1859746780728536
Tickets via www.beachland.be/tickets

The name "Get Ready!" is a familiar name to almost everyone in Belgium. Founded in 1995, the group was Flanders' most popular boysband in the '90s.

Jimmy, Glenn, Koen and J.M. scored one hit after the other starting with their first single 'Diep'. The boys made thousands of girls' hearts beat faster and had a fan club consisting of more than 15,000 members.

Their singles and full-CDs were highly appreciated, awards and gold and platinum records followed "en masse". Special events with Will Tura in Forest National and even Michael Jackson called on Get Ready! to provide support for his concert in Ostend.

Petra, Liliane St. Pierre and Plastic Bertrand also successfully joined forces with the boys. They filled Vorst Nationaal once and the Ancienne Belgique twice!

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Sound Rush

Join us! https://www.facebook.com/events/1859746780728536
Tickets via www.beachland.be/tickets

Sound Rush is a Dutch hardstyle duo, easily recognizable for being identical twins. This aspect installed their natural ability to fuse two minds into one when operating inside the studio and on stage. Sound Rush radiates the euphoric side of hardstyle, yet they’re keen on playing with boundaries and bringing in fresh versatility. Their creative signature holds a perfect blend between a future-focused approach and a deep connection to the hardstyle sound from which their style emerged.
With their path, as clear as day, they continue their journey. A symbiosis between the past and the future of hardstyle is happening – Sound Rush delivers it to you, here and now.

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