Teaser for Real Retro House in Westerlo

Zaterdag 21 september trekken we met REAL RETRO HOUSE naar Het Debuut in Westerlo!

Tickets via: https://realretrohouse.eventsquare.co

De klassiekers vliegen je om de oren met sets van retro-toppers: (Full line-up)
• Sven Lanvin (Zillion, Atmoz, Club System)
• DJ Gert Rossenbacker vs Funny F (Hit: Funky, Boccaccio, Delite, Illusion)
• David (Illusion/The Level, Faktory, Beat Time, House of God)
• Real Retro Maniacz (Beachland, Real Retro House)
• A-Tom-X (Illusion, Obsession, Beachland)
• Liberty (Real Retro House, Beachland, Hits 'Seguro' & 'why')
• Denny (Delite, guest at Illusion)
• Sam (Real Retro House)

There can only be ONE original!

Warning ! Limited capacity ! dus koop snel je tickets op www.realretrohouse.be